I'm With the Band-ana

I'm With the Band-ana

by Halley Oxford Comma April 30, 2018 1 Comment

I'm with the Band-ana

From the Wild West to Rosie the Riveter, the bandana is undeniably iconic. It’s basically wearable Americana, and while it never really went away, we’re thrilled to see its prevalence as an accessory this summer. The possibilities are endless, but here are a few of our favorites:

So simple, so chic. Something about tying that iconic piece of cloth around a ponytail or around your head to accent a messy top-bun, instantly elevates your look from lazy to lovely.

We LOVE this look. (It makes multiple appearances in our “I’m With the Band” shoot.) Making a cuff from just a basic bandana is effortlessly awesome – it adds a pop of color, a bit of edge, and a TON of style to pretty much any outfit, from a tank and jeans to a sundress with boots.

No-brainer, right? Isn’t that how bandanas have always been worn? Well, sort of. Rolling the bandana before tying it transforms it into more of a choker and gives a fresh take on the traditional neckwear.

Whether you knot it around the handle or work it into the actual style of the bag, it’s a classic and nonpermanent way to add a little personality to your purse, backpack, or work bag.

What’s your favorite way to wear?

Halley Oxford Comma
Halley Oxford Comma


1 Response

Kristi Shaw
Kristi Shaw

December 23, 2018

Love tying them to my purses, looks great & makes them easily accessible on the go to wear them other ways without taking up prime real estate in my bag.

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